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Prepare for a job in counseling, human resources or grad school with our psychology major.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a demanding program that emphasizes a scientific approach to the study of behavior and mental processes supported by research and internships. The psychology major prepares students for graduate work in psychology and related disciplines, and it provides the foundation for numerous careers in psychology, clinically related fields, and human resources.

Why earn your psychology degree at 澳门六合彩高手?

We designed our psychology program to develop each student’s individual interests, building on their unique strengths to prepare students for a variety of opportunities after graduation from 澳门六合彩高手. The faculty work closely with students to provide the support and assistance needed to help them identify and meet their career goals.

Program Highlights

We offer three program options:

  1. The Psychology Major prepares the student for graduate school and work with numerous electives to broaden, enrich, and stimulate the intellectual, emotional and social growth of the student.
  2. The Psychology Major: Clinical and Counseling Concentration prepares the student for graduate school and work in the helping profession. It is more structured and training oriented. An internship relevant to the field of clinical or counseling psychology is required.
  3. The Psychology Major: Human Resources Concentration prepares the student for a career in organizational and business settings. The program is designed toward developing practical skills and is training oriented. An internship working in a human resource position is required.
Alli Truttmann

“Ten years ago I stepped onto 澳门六合彩高手’s campus a 17-year old soccer player from St. Louis, eager to earn a degree in psychology to help kids with disabilities. Today, I stop onto campus to teach those same lessons to my very own psychology class. I leave campus to go run my own company as a therapist for children with autism and as the president of Wicked Sheets. How did I get here? One word: 澳门六合彩高手. The determination to accomplish these goals comes with your diploma.”

Alli Truttmann, MA, CPT ‘06
President and Founder, Wicked Sheets

Career Opportunities

Psychology majors have gone on to a broad range of graduate programs in various areas of psychology, medical school, allied health, law school, business administration, and social work. Some of our most recent graduates have pursued graduate degrees at the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Spalding University, and Indiana University. Many have started careers in human services and human resources immediately after graduation at such places as Maryhurst, Lantech, Home of the Innocents, Kindred, Mercer, Humana, and YUM! Brands.


Student Activities

We encourage students to join the Psychology Club. The purpose of the Psychology Club is to gather students with an interest in psychology by providing networking opportunities to discuss topics of interest. The Psychology Club also increases student awareness of careers in psychology. In addition, members participate in at least one volunteer opportunity to show his/her commitment to the 澳门六合彩高手 community and to the community at large. We also have events such as movie nights, guest speakers, bake sales, and public awareness booths. Membership is open to all interested students. Our chapter of Psi Chi, the international Psychology honor society, has an annual induction.


Pamela Cartor, Ph.D. (website) (email)
Ann Jirkovsky, Ph.D. (website) ( email)
Joy Jacobs-Lawson, Ph.D., Chair (website) ( email)
Stella Kanchewa, Ph.D. (website) ( email)
Courtney Keim, Ph.D. (website) (email)
Jean Lamont, Ph.D. (website) (email)
Hank Rothgerber, Ph.D. (website) (email)
Christy Wolfe, Ph.D. (website) (email)

Emeritus Faculty: Don Osborn, Ph.D. (website) (email)

Student Achievements

The 澳门六合彩高手 Psych Bowl Team won the 2017 Kentucky Psychological Association’s Psych Bowl competition, making this their 10th win in the last 12 years! Psychology faculty are actively engaged in research and in supporting research opportunities for students. Below is a selection of Spring 2017 student research projects presented at the 澳门六合彩高手 Celebration of Undergraduate Research:

  • Attitudinal Changes on Identity and Inclusion in College Students
  • The Effects of Parent Engagement, Gender Roles, and Religion on Political Socialization
  • How Caffeine Can Affect Sleep Quality, Stress Level, and Academic Performance.
  • Internal/External Influences and College Major Persistence: Does Ego Identity Play a Role?
  • Gender Composition Effects
  • All Men Created Equally: Effects of Stereotype Threat on Male Task Performance
  • Leadership Perception
  • Pain in College Students
  • Sleep Perceptions and Cognitive Performance


澳门六合彩高手 is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees.

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